December 29, 1958

James P. McCloskey was the editor of the Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine for 22 years.

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August 29, 1919

Ted Gilbert became the first motorcyclist to pilot a machine to the top of the rocky butte near Portland, Oregon.

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August 27, 1949

Jimmy Chann set his record time of 11 minutes and 18 seconds at the 15-Mile Championship in Milwaukee on August 27, 1949.

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August 24, 1958

Harley-Davidson swept the 1958 racing Grand National competition held in Du Quoin, IL, marking the fifth straight year that Harley was first in the nation.

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August 2, 1926

On the 1¼ mile board track in Rockingham, NH, Curly Fredericks set the record for fastest lap on a board track, registering 120.3 mph.

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August 15, 1939

The first National Gypsy Tour was held in 1917, as shown in this photo from that year.

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