San Diego Harley-Davidson
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State of the Art!

State of the Art!

The quality, the technology, the fit & finish, the engine, transmission, the suspension & handling, the styling, everything about our brand is the ‘state of the art’ of motorcycles!  This is especially impressive at a time when many brands of motorcycles worldwide are pushing the envelope of excellence! 

Have you taken one of these new Milwaukee 8s for a test ride? Have you read much about these great models in the moto press? Maybe, but it’s more likely you’ve heard more about the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, our electric motorcycle or the coming (in 2021!) Pan American adventure bike or the Bronx Streetfighter, another future & hopefully great motorcycle.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with the buzz about these exciting prospects, or the talk about getting 2 million ‘new’ riders’ who we are anxious to welcome to our showroom! There is a problem though when three models, two of which are a year or more away, suck up all the oxygen or there’s an inference that the ‘new rider’ being talked about are new in some ways that make some of us a bit uncomfortable.  And that’s why San Diego Harley-Davidson is making sure that we ‘Embrace the Base’ & let our core riders know that we care about what we always cared about: the iconic American Brand that’s Harley-Davidson & the motorcycle that bears that great American name. The motorcycle that is American iron, American style with the great heritage of a 45 degree V twin engine, the sound & rumble of an engine that sounds & feels like the American heartbeat breaking all the boundaries to riding free, riding the way you want to, bar to bar, state to state or anywhere in the world you want to go!   

We want you to know that we ‘embrace the base’ of who we are, who you are, the club member, independent rider, Hog member or any of the millions of riders who want to throw on a leather jacket & a pair of jeans, or a tee shirt & whatever; we make the motorcycle, you make the rules! Today’s riders are the first generation of the descendants of the riders who returned from WWll & rode an American motorcycle, raced together, partied together, gathering at places from Daytona to Sturgis & the entire American landscape in between! This is the base of who we are, and add to these riders the new riders who have embraced our culture & joined our ranks.  This includes every segment of our world but none as much as the women who ride who’s numbers have risen from less than 10% only a few years ago to over 20% now & still rising! 

There will undoubtedly be great new Harley-Davidson Motorcyles in our future & new riders, we are sure, but make no mistake, at San Diego Harley-Davidson we love that American V-Twin, that Milwaukee 8 & all the people who ride them! 

There is nothing that we’re asking you to do here, no call to action, no marketing plan to lure you in... we just wanted to take a moment & let you know how important you & your motorcycle are to us! Sure there’s a lot of chatter about new this & that & future models & that’s all good, we’re just letting you know that we appreciate the here & the now & most of all every one of you who ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Thanks!  

-New York Myke