San Diego Harley-Davidson
4645 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117

Update as of Thurs. March 19th

Update as of Thurs. March 19th

San Diego Harley-Davidson is open for business & doing what we have to to stay clean & bug free!  Of course we’re taking the virus seriously & we’ll continue to remind you of that, but we’re also positive & upbeat that we can still enjoy life & be confident that we will find a cure as well as a vaccine to beat this this, then we’ll find where the new normal is.  We’ve sent a lot of our people home who we hope will be brought back when this all ends, the sooner the better! We‘re still staffed to service all your Harley-Davidson needs from sales to service & of course we look forward to seeing you!

The response by America to this pandemic has been strong & fairly much unified! Of course politics is always a dividing factor but the average citizen has stayed above that & has cooperated, reached out as neighbors, done what we can for those in need & haven’t panicked much except for toilet paper & sanitizer...which, if you think about it may not be a bad thing!  We’re all washing our hands more & sanitizing things that will probably become a part of our culture going forward, also not a bad thing! 

I’m looking forward to riding more because not withstanding all the memes & ‘jokes’, riding is a great way to get away from crowds while staying with your friends.  It’s fun, invigorating, entertaining & a great break from tv news & binge watching Netflix!

We look forward to seeing you at San Diego Harley-Davidson. We hope you haven’t been too affected by all this, although we know many of you are.  It’s important to keep a positive attitude no matter what, enjoy the jokes & the positive moments, the successes, the progress we see which is never going to be as much or as soon as we want & especially appreciate those of you on the front lines of this war!  Thank you!