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Weekly Update from SDHD - This Is America

Weekly Update from SDHD - This Is America

It’s Wednesday, March 25th and we’ve just gone through our first week of being shut down. The Service Department is open as is parts but we have sent most of our staff home. We are definitely being sanitary and conscientious of dirt, dust and watching any signs of colds, coughs, runny noses, sneezing and we are keeping our distance from each other. No one here is treating this virus like a joke, it is not, but at some point we have to find a new normal. Obviously that will never be what it was but it cannot be what it is now either. Whatever this new normal is we need to find it quickly.

Does it always include being 6 feet apart, constantly washing your hands or avoiding groups and eating in restaurants. Not sure but we'll be washing more. I don't think there’s much future in buffets but I really think the big difference will be if we continue to let our drugs be made in countries like China. The same goes for parts for cars, motorcycles, airplanes and especially anything our Military relies on. We are surely going to bring manufacturing back to America as we have been recently and we will build more factories, reduce regulations and somehow limit the continuing litigation, (Tort reform) that has prevented things from being made here in the USA or made the costs of making things here prohibitive. Making things here has got to get easier and suing everything that moves has got to become less popular!

On the other hand, we also have to imagine what life will be like after things get more sane, while we are still aware of being clean and hygienic, practicing safe health habits but not destroying our economy in the process. Why shouldn’t showrooms, museums, libraries, places of worship and even restaurants be open? Maybe with restrictions? 

Why shouldn’t we be able to congregate without crowding each other? We can keep the 6 foot distance without staying in our homes. I read a recent Twitter article that said to ride your motorcycle alone, don’t ride in groups. Really! Why not? Sure no real big groups of 20 or 30 or more but why alone? Three bikes, five, seven, even 10, spread out on the freeway or on an open road, that’s not crowding anyone. Let’s be reasonable as we find a new normal and not let this experience change us so much that we are unrecognizable. We also have to trust each other, to preserve our own freedom. The government can suggest things and for a short duration in times of crisis like this, we're going to have the government mandate things, but even in a war we have to respect Individual rights. We suspended those rights in World War II but not in every war since and this virus is no World War II!

I am glad we’ve been able to keep our Service and Parts departments open, it has not been easy and I can’t blame those who have closed. We want to sell bikes and we can by appointment even though our showroom is closed to the general public. We can handle a bike trade in, as well as sales because we have staff on call. So call in if you’re thinking about a bike and we will get in touch and can work with you one on one. 

Main Line To Book Appt: 858-616-6999

Let’s be responsible individuals but let’s not let this fight against the Coronavirus turn us into stressed out, anxiety ridden people who are weary of being close or in the same room as friends. We can stop with the handshakes and not breathe on each other but human contact is important to our mental health. For all of us and most of us who are reading this, riding motorcycles relieves stress, reduces anxiety and is the basis for much of our social life. Let’s ride, get out there in the wind, stay away from crowds and let’s add some excitement even if big rides are canceled. 

We are open for business at San Diego Harley-Davidson, it’s different but it’s always different on a Harley!