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Easter Thoughts...

April 10, 2020

Easter Thoughts...

I wrote the following to my niece who had questions after seeing my video at Mt. Soledad.  I thought it makes for a good message today & one that I’d share with all of you.

I wanted to put this virus panic in perspective!  Threatening the financial well being of the nation is idiotic & we all need to come together & make sure we stay strong economically while being smart about staying healthy.  Social distancing, washing our hands, being sanitary is important, that’s clear.  Closing access to places of worship is a far more dangerous threat to the underlying strength of this amazing country however & no one seems to be focusing on that!  This Holy Week should be a wake up call that we need to herald so people become aware of what makes us great, our belief that we are one nation under God!  That Passover & Easter coincide this week is not a coincidence!  The Old & New Testament are two ‘books’ that tell one story & we are inextricably connected by that! The last supper was a Passover Seder, Passover is a celebration of the miracle of Moses leading the Jews from slavery to Israel!  The story of Easter is further evidence that Israel existed thousands of years ago & Jerusalem has always been its capital! Politics, like it or not, has always been what defines our lives and who we choose as leaders defines our politics!  Today is Good Friday, let’s make Sunday the day we begin to rise from this debacle & lead our politicians to bring us back to what makes us great, our belief in ourselves humbled by our collective belief that our ‘rights’ come from our creator!  Have a wonderful Easter & remember to appreciate the miracle of great & inspirational leaders who led us to the amazing world we share today & what inspired them!  Never be timid in our beliefs, never be silenced, always be inspired to inspire others!I hope you all had the opportunity to exercise your faith & your beliefs this week & I wish you all a very Happy Easter!  I know this has little to do with motorcycles but there is no such thing as coincidence & there’s seldom been a time I can remember when faith was more important in all our lives.  I believe the message of miracles gives us what we need to be positive & optimistic going forward.  The sooner we’re able to overcome the panic & get our lives back to normal the less damage there’ll be.  I’ll be riding to The Wall in Washington DC for Memorial Day as I always do, I’m planning my trip to Sturgis & I’m planning on guiding San Diego Harley-Davidson to serve this market, to be even better than we ever were & to be a part of a better America than there ever was! I believe this & I hope you all believe in redemption & renewal so we can all rise & lift the country we love to a better place for everyone!  
Stay healthy, stay strong, keep the faith!