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April Update from New York Myke...

April Update from New York Myke...

The coronavirus shutdown has affected us all, none worse than those who have gotten the virus.  Not too many have questioned the idea of social distancing, washing hands, etc. in order to prevent getting the virus, but the total shutdown and crashing of the economy is something of concern.  Hopefully this extreme reaction will serve the purpose of flattening the virus curve before it does much more damage to the economic curve.

Politicians have been described as people who will sacrifice your life for their country but at some point I believe we are going to be able to see which ones are competent, which ones aren’t and we may even become motivated enough to do something about it!

In the meantime, let’s learn from this that we can’t wait for others to see what’s coming, we must be vigilant on our own and no it won’t be sunny every day, not even in San Diego, and we’ve got to save for that rainy day as well as be aware and prepared for when it might come.  In that regard, I think it’s important to try to anticipate what it’s going to be like when the panic subsides along with the virus. How will we be different? What will normal look like?

Much of that depends on how we are affected locally and that may be hard to calculate when we don’t know how the city, the state or the Nation will change. How will the companies we work for or do business with change? 

Here at San Diego Harley-Davidson we are affected by all I just wrote about regarding government mandated changes as well as the big companies we do businesses with, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and there’s been a lot going on at Harley even without what’s been caused by the coronavirus.

Most recently the CEO Matt Levitach resigned and today, April 3rd is the last day for COO Michelle Kumbier who’s been with the company since 1997. The factories in Milwaukee and in York, Pennsylvania have been closed due to the virus and the stock has taken a big hit. We had these conversations in the last few weeks with friends and fellow dealers and I’ll share with you here’s our most recent response:

The other reasons I expect is the quality of the current models, their state of the art position of the motorcycle industry and the so-called aspirational models like the LiveWire, Pan America and Streetfighter models of the future. This is all good stuff that will impress current Harley enthusiasts. The pandemic brought here by China and other countries along our supply chain may wake up other riders about the importance of supporting American brands.  It’s also true that difficulty in securing materials and parts in the USA has forced Harley to buy parts of these bikes to other countries so it’s likely that this renewed awareness about the supply chain. We'll enable American companies to compete and manufacture these parts right here, and wouldn’t that be nice. Yes it would and I believe there will be a surge in patriots wanting American products in every aspect of our lives.

I know there will be negative things caused by the shut down, it’s inevitable and we all need to know things will affect us and our families. It’s also true that there will be good, positive changes and we should try to anticipate what some of those may be and how we can individually try to manage them. We don’t get the choice when bad things happen nor do we have time to look for them, they find us. Opportunity knocks once they say and most of the time the other music is loud and we don’t hear it. So be vigilant, look for the silver lining, the golden opportunities and whatever good is coming from this chaos! It will be there, don’t let the masks fool you! 

Ride Safe and Ride Often.