San Diego Harley - Myke & Petrina’s Sicilian Adventure

September 24, 2018

San Diego Harley - Myke & Petrina’s Sicilian Adventure


It’s 9am in Rome, Italy & Petrina & I are sitting on Alitalia flight 620 to LAX & Home sweet home.  We’ve been riding Harley’s in Sicily for the last week with 8 friends & 2 tour guides & I must say we expected a wild ride & what we got was nothing less.  


Our friend Ron told us last year he was doing this again & asked us to join him, we’ve been wanting to go to Italy & what better way than on Harley’s, so we did.  We flew to Rome then to Catania, Sicily where we got our bikes from Catania Harley-Davidson. The dealership is small by our standards but the owner was a real gentleman as was the GM & we were off to a good start. I’m not going to even try to describe the ride event by event but I’ll try sharing the “feel” of it.  


Sicily is a country all by itself, an island & though it’s Italian for sure it’s also got its own ‘personality’.  I can’t say we got to know much about the people here, we were too busy riding & seeing castles, churches, volcanoes, ruins, beaches & cafe’s.  If we weren’t riding through the towns so quickly this tour would have been an archeologist’s dream...I had no idea Sicily was so old or that the towns were mostly built over 500 to a thousand years ago!  The good news is that our tour guides were a couple who know Sicily, speak perfect Italian & English & were focused on this being a motorcycle ride more than a sightseeing trip.


The riding was truly exceptional especially given we spent most of it in 2nd, 3rd & 4th gear flying down cobblestone streets that twisted every way but straight & went on for miles & miles from town to town with winding two lane roads in between where we actually might get to 5th once in awhile.  There was some highway miles, mostly along the coast which was beautiful, but the bulk of the ride was through these old towns that all looked like movie sets, hills with narrow twisted roads that had hairpins turns going up & to the right, more hairpin turns going up & to the left, & no straightaways at all!  


I have no idea of the miles (or kilometers) but we would ride for hours, stop for a cafe, gas, or to walk around these amazing towns, visit ruins, castles & churches & eat a pre-arranged lunch that like everything else, was absolutely authentic.  The tour guide Phillipo rode a dyna with no windshield, right behind him was Petrina on a new Streetbob also with no windshield, I rode a new Heritage behind her, & everyone else had touring bikes.  The first day we rode  up to the bar & church where The Godfather was filmed, that was all but impossible to get to but once there we kicked back & enjoyed it. 


The next day we rode to Mt. Etna, a live volcano, went exploring & had lunch & each day following was a similar adventure but the most exciting part was always the ride.  In that regard I have to give everyone props from the guys who dropped the bikes, got back up & kept going, & no one is criticizing anyone especially on the big Ultras! Petrina was right on Phillipo’s tail no matter what even if I fell behind a yard or two trying to keep up & I’ve got to recognize Frank & Trever Ops, the owners of Hells Kitchen for their excellent riding abilities & literally going the extra mile to help make this the great trip it was!

inline_o656d4b5f2ac9e34779805ccf0a78a94_2b9f70217a3e.pngWould I recommend this trip? Hell yeah but make sure your riding skills are up to it so you can really enjoy it is a motorcycle ride extraordinaire, it’s not cheap either but you get exactly what you pay for & a lot more in memories, stories & I’m sure in sharpened skills! Thanks to our friend Ron Starrantino for sharing this with us & the new friends we met with Ron! If anyone has any interest i will be happy to get you Christina’s contact info.  
“Sicily Motorcycle Tour”, what a trip!


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