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It’s April everybody...

It’s April everybody...

It’s April everybody, they say we need to keep the 6 feet social distance between us until the end of the month, keep washing our hands often and not touching our faces.  We are also taking whatever steps we have to so everything is sanitized on a constant basis. I get all of this, it’s understandable and nobody wants to get the Coronavirus and I definitely fall into the target demographic of being older and a cancer survivor.  I also understand why people cannot work if their job is in a showroom, a museum, a library, or any other place where the 6 ft rule cannot be easily adhered to. The amount of people who can congregate in any place, including restaurants, seems measurable. Limiting people would be a hardship that most businesses, (not all), could work around and people could still have places to go.  Shutting down everything seems not just harsh but it’s uncanny that we might destroy the economy which could be worse for us as individuals then the virus. I understand how this was an initial response and we should jump on things before it got out of hand, but now the falling economy is getting out of hand. People have lost their jobs, millions of people will lose their homes, their businesses, their life savings and that will have irreversible consequences, as bad or worse than the virus with the added fact that it may take years for the economy to get back and lives will be destroyed in the meantime.

We all have to do our part to fight the coronavirus, stay clean and stay healthy.  We should all observe the rules and stand apart at least 6 feet, wash our hands and  let our elected officials know how we feel about shutting everything down and staying at home.  Maybe you agree with that, but if you don’t, contact the people you  elected to get them to change this.  At some point as the acceleration of the virus slows down we have to get back to work.  How many will still be out of work and for how long?  Nobody has answers but we need to know our leaders are thinking about this and looking for our input.

We’ve had our service and parts department open at San Diego Harley-Davidson and you are also welcome to come in and buy a Harley.  We do not have sales people on the floor but managers are pitching in to help you.  Whether it’s a car, truck or motorcycle our transportation needs are essential and we are handling those needs and staying healthy and careful not to violate the rules and to keep us safe! Let's hope this virus slows down and goes away quickly so we can all get back to work before the economy deteriorates anymore.  We are here for any Harley Davidson Service and Parts needs, for your motorcycle purchase, new or preowned Harley or if you’re in the area just come by to say hello, I don’t think there is a law against that! Ride often, ride safe, keep your distance and wash your hands often!

Stay healthy, all of us at San Diego Harley-Davidson