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Safety First, As Always! Entering Phase 2...

Safety First, As Always! Entering Phase 2...

It’s Saturday, May 9th & California has entered what they’re calling “Phase 2”, a partial opening of businesses.  Yayyyyyyyy!

We are very excited about this & we have been preparing all week to open the showroom, hire back employees & train new ones, (parts & service have been busy all through the shut down being they are essential) & most of all we are preparing to comply with what it takes to protect our staff, customers & vendors!  We have put together a comprehensive program led by our operations manager Christopher Perea that includes everything from signage to protective masks to having temperature taking instruments. Of course hand sanitizers are available & sanitizing procedures & cleaning procedures are already in place.  

Even with all the precautions a lot of people are concerned that opening businesses too soon will be dangerous as long as there is no vaccine, or at least a ‘real’ cure’ for the Covid-19 virus. I understand that so I’d like to point to several factors that I hope will offset some of these concerns.  Nothing will totally prevent people from getting sick but motorcycle riders are not timid when it comes to living life on our own terms & being careful to minimize unnecessary risks.  This is certainly true of anyone I would ride with & it’s also true, maybe especially true, of those who take the biggest risks including stunt riders we know, the Unknown riders, Rusty Butcher, Joey 55, Cole Freeman & Bubba Blackwell!  Their training regimens, as well as the precautions they are meticulous about, might surprise you if you didn’t know them, but I would also like to point out the training & safety procedures that you & I, the average rider & HOG members take to keep ourselves as well as our motorcycles in safe riding condition, usually without giving it a second thought.  Our service department is careful to do safety inspections on every bike that comes through here checking everything from brakes & tires (including tire pressure!) to anything our technicians are always looking for.  The HOG Club does group ride training on a regular basis & ride captains are always honing their skills.  This is mainly to enhance our abilities so we can experience as much of the joy of motorcycling as we can & staying safe is a big part of that! Taking precautions, practicing safe riding & life skills comes naturally to us as it does to daredevils, adventure riders & all intelligent & serious risk takers!  It’s what we do without being ordered to or treated like school children.  I recently had an experience riding with some real life risk takers that reminded me what being sharp & staying strong is about when you do it right to get the result you want.  

A few weeks ago I was invited to go on a ride with my friends from the Frogmen Motorcycle Club.  They were leaving from IB at 8am on a Sunday, a little early for me, (lol!), but I wasn’t going to turn down an invite from this group of active & retired Navy Seals!  I thought I got there early but luckily for me I was right on time for the ride meeting that I should have anticipated knowing who I was dealing with!  The ride captain had the entire route laid out with maps prepared for everyone.  He went over every road, all the road conditions, entrances & exits, narrow roads, anything that might be a challenge to the lowest common denominator, (usually yours truly, haha), answered all the questions anybody had & led a ‘self inspection’ of everyone’s equipment & their bikes.  Needless to say there were no surprises, we were all well prepared & enjoyed a great ride through areas I didn’t even know existed but being briefed I was ready for every turn! That was one enjoyable day! 

That's the kind of experience we always strive for when we ride motorcycles & that’s the way we’re going to prepare ourselves as we do business in this current environment.   We want you to have a safe & enjoyable  time at San Diego Harley-Davidson whenever you visit but especially now when we all have to be extra careful to stay healthy while we pursue our daily lives!  It’s important to live life to the fullest, whether it’s work, fun, relaxing or fulfilling our dreams, not being a danger to others or ourselves is something we always practice so it makes sense & comes naturally to us.  If your judgement tells you to stay home that’s what you should do.  We know what to do when we get caught in the rain but no sense going out in bad weather if we don’t have to!  When we do have to we have the right gear & we make sure we’re prepared.  That’s what we do!

Thank you all for being part of our dealership.  We look forward to seeing you & doing our part to get things back to normal for everyone.  Please don’t hesitate to comment whether it’s compliments or criticisms, we appreciate it all, it’s how we learn, it’s how we improve, it’s how we continue to grow to always strive to be the best at what we do & who we are!  Ride safe, live well!